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By this logic, I too, am female


When Im listening to foreign music there is always that one person.
"Do you even understand what they’re saying?"

The following are what these people don’t understand:

  • Yes, its called translations and they are readily available via internet
  • You dont have to understand the language to appreciate a catchy tune and be able to be moved by the music.
  • Half of the songs you probably listen to are in English and you still cant understand them
Clothesencounters || Summer Lookbook 2014  

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Youtube Positivity

Day 9 (I’m late, I know) Favorite Youtube ship/couple:

Felix and Marzia aka Melix aka PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia

I’ve only just subscribed and began watching their videos very very recently, but I’m already addicted to and obsessed with these two apart, but especially together. They’re so funny, and real, and they’re such dorks; you can so clearly see that they’re perfect for each other. I want a love like theirs.

Selena Gomez on Instagram (pt. II)